Art and Tech Social: Experimental Capture

with Pete Ashton at BOM, Jan 10th 2017

These notes will be updated during and after the workshop with things that come up in discussions, so check back later!

Introductory Things

My name is Pete Ashton and you can see my art at I’m @peteashton on Twitter.

We’re at Birmingham Open Media, aka BOM, which is @bomlab on Twitter.

This workshop is based on Golan Levin’s course of the same name from Carnegie Mellon and he’s put all the course materials online, which is delightful of him. I’ll link to specific pages below but please do have an explore as there’s loads of good stuff in there.

James George’s talk at EYEO 2015 is a good “Experimental Capture 101”.

Some assumptions we might want to question

Time Play

Adam Magyar, Stainless - Shinjuku

Most high-end smartphones from the last couple of years have pretty decent slo-mo modes, up to 240fps.

R. Luke DuBois - Fashionably Late for the Relationship

DAWN CHORUS by Marcus Coates

Shinichi Maruyama’s Nudes

Golan’s history of Long Exposure in art

Golan’s collection of Slit-Scan artworks.

My Koyaanisqatsi Slitscanned

The Slitscan Processing sketch I had running on the iMac is here. You’ll need to download Processing to run it.

Here are the slitscan images we recorded during the session (180mb)

Merging and Montage

David Hockney’s Photo Montages

Jenny Odell has a good overview of Hockney’s approach to photography in this talk from 6:12

Matt Murtagh’s Photo Montages

The Hockneyesque Flickr group has some great examples of people playing with Hockney’s ideas.

Ronen V’s montage animations (Bit rude in places)

Alejandro Almaraz’s Portraits of Power

My 648 MPs

My Auto-Blending 2016

Photoshop is probably the obvious tool for doing these things but it’s not the only option. ImageMagick is an open source, command-line tool which is good for batch processing lots of images. Gimp is an open-source equivalent of Photoshop.


The best tool for this is Photoscan. You can run it in demo mode for free (no saving or exporting) or request a 30 day free trial. After that it’s not cheap but not too expensive.

A guide to using Photoscan.

An overview of Photogrammetry

Shining 360 - a 3D video made from putting long tracking shots from The Shining through PhotoScan. (Needs Chrome)

Photogrammetring (?) the Mannequin Challenge.


Open Kinect for Processing - this will let you access Kinect data through Processing on any computer.

Clouds - a documentary made with a Kinect mounted under a DSLR capturing RGB Video and Depth.


An intro to MultiSpectral Capture.

Flir One thermal camera for smartphones.

Thank you!